The Important Wedding Cake:

As well as something old and something new, one of the most beautiful Big Day traditions is the wedding cake. 

The wedding cake is a long-held tradition dating back to Roman times and its cutting symbolises the first joint task the bride and groom will complete as man and wife.

What Is In Fashion For Wedding Cakes Now?

It’s easier if there is a wedding theme, i.e. traditional, modern, quirky

The wedding theme is often inspired by a mutual ‘like’ of the couple e.g. beaches, butterflies etc.

LACE wedding dresses are making a big come-back and, therefore, LACE wedding cakes are now very popular to keep in with that wedding theme. 

Vintage ---   Has romantic feel and never going out of fashion. If you want to keep it traditional simply opt for a WHITE LACE VINTAGE feel.

Black & White wedding cakes fit into so many wedding themes from retro to modern; always making a statement at the reception.

Novelty Wedding Cakes   e.g. top-table characters or bride and groom shown on cake in a way that reflects work, hobbies or personalities.

What about Flavours?

FRUIT: Is the traditional fruit being axed from wedding cake?    More brides are choosing to have no fruit cake at all as part of their wedding cake although some are opting for the top tier fruit just to keep a little tradition as well as catering for the guests who love (and often expect to get) fruit cake.

CHOCOLATE & MALTESER :  In contrast to fruit, the chocolate and malteser is really popular, actually a must for most brides

 CHOCOLATE & ORANGE, as well as CARROT CAKE are also very popular.

MADEIRA:  Usually a must for wedding cake this can be coated with marzipan or layered with and coated with flavoured buttercream.  The latter has become more popular.

When it comes to choosing the flavour, the sky is the limit! Bride & groom can come up with some very unusual flavours but a trial & tasting session usually work very well!